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Hi! I'm JB and this is my story,


 Inspired by the blue skies and beautiful Rocky mountains of Denver, Colorado, I started my jewelry career as a high school student. I studied under a wonderful teacher named Mr. Stevenson, to whom I owe so much! Shortly after graduation in 1981, I started tinkering in a friend's rinky-dink back-room jewelry shop making all sorts of strange creations while learning new skills.  In 1983, I got my first retail store gig at Petrelle's Jewelers in Littleton Colorado.  I apprenticed under Master Jeweler Rick McGavin, who for four years, taught me an insane amount of amazing tricks and techniques. In a bold statement of independence, I moved to Chicago Illinois in 1987, where I became a human jewelry repair machine at Darnell Jewelers.  Six years later, I found myself back in Denver where I met my beautiful wife, Denise. Together had our two awesome children, Tyler, now 23, and Melody, now 25.

At that point in my life, with ten years of professional experience behind me and an entrepreneurial spirit, I became an independent contractor.  I worked for various jewelers, pawnshops, diamond dealers, and private clients all around the Denver area, but it was time for a change...

When a good friend called me in 2002 and suggested that I move my family across the country to Florida, we considered that it may be the right choice for our family. From the great weather, beautiful beaches, and friendly people as some of the many reasons to make the journey, we decided it was time and the Beaird family relocated to Tampa in March of 2004.  

I soon found myself as the "Jeweler on Premises" at Anthony Louis Jewelers in Carrollwood. I spent about a year and a half there, designing, creating, restoring, and repairing all things shiny when the owner announced his retirement from the jewelry business. I seized the opportunity to purchase the store's fixtures, and, in early 2006, JB Fine Jewelry was born. Since then, JB Fine Jewelry has been at the same location in Citrus Park and has served thousands of customers in the Tampa Bay Area.



Then in early 2020, everything in the world changed. My wife of 25 years passed away from cancer and the world plunged into a pandemic. JB Fine Jewelry, like the rest of the small businesses in the country, closed its doors. It took 6 very long months to recover from my loss and I reopened in November 2020. 

In 2021, on a beautiful  August evening, things took a wonderful turn.  I met my new partner and love, Michelle Emery,  a brilliant art teacher with a strong background in sales and marketing.  She has joined my team and together we are excited to bring our unique talents to continue to serve our clients in the  Tampa Bay area. Our expertise is in hand-carved Ethiopian Opals. custom jewelry design and creation, repair and restoration, precious gemstones, and diamond settings, but we specialize in personal, honest service. 


Come in... I guarantee your complete elation.

   Thanks for your business!

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