Hi!  I'm JB.  Let me share a bit of my story.  I come from Denver Colorado. Inspired by the blue skies and beautiful Rocky mountains, I started my jewelry career as a high school student, studying under an awesome teacher named Don Stevenson. (Mr. Stevenson, if you see this, God Bless you and thank you!) Shortly after graduation in 1981, I started tinkering in a friend's rinky dink back-room jewelry shop making all sorts of strange creations while learning new skills.  In 1983, I got my first  retail store gig at Petrelle's Jewelers in Littleton Colorado.  I apprenticed under "Master Jeweler" Rick Mcgavin, who for four years, taught me an insane amount of amazing tricks and techniques, In 1987, in a bold statement of independence, I moved to Chicago Illinois, where I became a human jewelry repair machine  at Darnell Jewelers.  Six years later, I found myself back in Denver where I met my beautiful wife, Denise, and together had our two awesome children, Tyler, now 15, and Melody, now 17.

At that point in my life, with ten years of professional experience behind me, I persued entreprenuership, becoming an independant contractor.  I worked for various jewelers, pawnshops, diamond dealers, and private clients all around the Denver area..............    

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