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The Finished Product
Soldering the jump rings
Lots of jump rings
Close up
Polished jump rings
Cut notches
Soldering prongs
Lots of prongs
Finished soldering
Polish it up and set stones
From the back

Taking a concept from a doodle on a piece of paper to a beautiful piece of jewelry that will withstand the test of time is no simple process, but a craft that I've meticulously perfected over my 33 years of experience. Watch the process from just a little piece of metal to a beautiful piece that will take your breath away.


Rollerblader and Snowboarder
Blue Topaz, Pink Sapphire & Diamonds
Multi stone pendant
multi stone pendant close
London blue Topaz Princess Heart
Memorial Pendant
Dave loved it!
Five Trillian Tanzanites
Victoria Stone Holistic Nurse Pend
Nugget with diamonds
Rutilated Quartz
FAA medal.. 14K & diamond
Sapphire & diamond cross
The bottom
Skull ring
imom pendant
Pave' J
Multi-stone Cross
Pearl and pave' diamonds
Five Trillian Tanzanites
Here be booty... rrrrrr
Where on earth?
Circle O' Diamonds
Opal and diamond wirework ring
Bangle bracelet
Killer diamond pendant
Grandma's ruby cluster ring
Wedding Earrings... Thx Grandma!
Chec pendant
Trio pendant
Blue topaz dangle pendant
Multi stone pendant
Angel wing jubilee pendant
Erik pave'
Here comes the sun
Patty's universe
Anchor logo earrings
Biggs jaspar
Charolite pendant
Forest stone pendant
The jellyfish

Diamond rings and shiny things are a work of art to capture your love in a setting to keep forever, but I also love conceptualizing the eye-catching piece that you can be sure no one else has. Come take a look at some of the unique custom designs I've created over the many years of perfecting the craft of custom, wearable art that will have everyone in awe.

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