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 Blue Zircon
1st Tampa flyer
Roller blader vs. Snow boarder
Roller Blader vs. Chemistry Teacher
Artizan Design Logo
Design options
Kevin Smith original
Seneca 13
Yes I did!
No, I won't!!!
Little T-Bone
Little Sweet Pea
Grandma and her Babies
6AM  January 1, 2000
Dee & me 1999
Flipper says "Hi!"
Paul Mikkelson original
Polaroid conglomerate
Busch Gardens
Boobuddy Bear
The fam 2003
Double trouble
House in Henderson
No trouble at all
JB Dee and the Mayor
My backyard
Beware of sharks!
Colorado Mountains
Artizan Design... Thornton, CO
Artizan Design
Artizan Design
Artizan Design
Artizan Design
Colorado mountains
I own the Bucs, did I tell you that?
In St. Pete
The man was blue
Two for ziplining
-Bone & Funship FreddieT
The shirts
The ship
On board
Family zipline
Ready to Rocklahoma
Rocklahoma South Stage
Rocklahoma North Stage
Rocklahoma North Stage flattened
Rocklahoma South Stage flattened
GFC pendant
Member Jewelers Board of Trade
Tampa Tribune article
Denise and me on the Legend
My Studio
The best day of my life!
Nothing like a Florida sunset!
Me and my boy
On the skins
What... my daughter odd??
Me on Scarlet
Can you say baddass?
Card back
JBFJ Calender
EJS Flyer
Artizan Design
Just got to FLA
At the bench
Me as a kid